Know Us

The beautiful and vast archipelago of the Andaman & Nicobar is enticing. The charm of this destination cannot be described using words. The turquoise blue waters, sandy beaches, towering palm trees, and a calm ambiance makes it a perfect holiday destination. Visitors from all over India and other countries throng to the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Serving them is our duty and prime motive that defines our existence.

Andaman Canute is a popular name in the sector of tourism. This travel company began its excursion in the year 2013. Mr. Canute Pinto is the founder of the company and laid the foundation brick in the town of Port Blair. Under his guidance, Andaman Canute has been flourishing speedily and today, stands among the leading travel companies in Port Blair.

We are backed by a team of dedicated employees. They are present on the desk for serving tourists by entertaining queries. The absolute dedication of our workforce has allowed us to establish a vast clientele in Port Blair. We are continuously working on for its expansion.

Andaman Canute is engaged in offering affordable services to you. We offer different services like making a reservation in hotels and other accommodations and providing cars on a rental basis. Every service from our end is executed by professionals & it is assured that you get no chance of disappointment.